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Hello World (Haha that is a coding pun),

My name is Brandon Miller (AKA Star-Lord). I am taking this course to prepare for my next semester at college. I am from the United States and I live in Utah. I am hoping to get into Utah Valley University’s Game development and Animation Program. I have put 2 and a half years into a bachelors degree in Computer Science but found myself wondering if I would actually enjoy a job programming software or setting up databases or really any kind of computer science related jobs… I just couldn’t picture myself really enjoying that. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy programming but the idea of making business applications didn’t thrill me ( Ok, I know there are many different avenues one could go down with a degree in computer science. Just trying to give one example of the many thoughts I was having). I have always been in love with video games and decided to take some courses at UVU.

To my dismay all of the courses were locked do to three prerequisite classes. One of them was a survey of animation class. I really didn’t know what the class was about… ( I though it was going to be mostly discussing and watching different types of animation, the history of it, and possibly writing a few papers, that sort of thing) What I did know was that I had to take it to get to the class I actually wanted to take. So I registered for it. The first day of class I learned what it really was.

It was a hand drawn frame by frame animation class. We would be required to produce 6 animations throughout the course. I learned a lot from that class but two of the most important things were 1. The game development courses I wanted to take were part of the Game Development and Animation degree program that you had to apply for and be accepted into to take and 2. I was actually pretty good at drawing ( well at least free handing from a reference drawing).

All that has led me to this course, and hopefully to a bright future. One that I am actually excited to get to. So good luck to all of us and best wishes.


(Sorry this is Sooo long):sweat_smile:

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As someone who’s starting a game dev company with no skills or formal training to draw on, I truly wish you luck in your course work!

Thanks! Good Luck to you in starting your company as well!

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