Grass on layer 1 only

I had some strange problem.
When the grass was on the 4 layers it wasn’t rendered at all (I could see the grass in the SHIFT+Z)
When i move the grass to the 1st layer than it’s rendered normally.
Anyone had this issue?

Thanks for help

You need to select all the layers, which are part of your total render. Use Shift+LeftClick

You want to say that i can’t render parts in different layers like the whole scene?

I’m not sure what you want to do.
The layers you have selected, will be used in your final render!

One single Mesh object can be seen on multiple different layers!!
For example on layer one you have all you lights.
On layer two a mesh object you want to test render. If you select that mesh object layer only, no light will be used, the scene will be black.
You can say, Ok, I select also layer one too, just to have the light included.
But there is a bit more to this (Michael does not explain this).
When you select an object to MOVE TO AN OTHER LAYER (Hotkey M). You can select multi layers! (Use Shift+LeftClick). In principle you don’t move. You just say in wich layers this object is used (visible).
So you can manage that you light are always visible, independent of the (single) render layer chosen.

After this. If you decide to only test render layer 3 mesh objects. The light of layer one is also visible on layer 3. But not on layer 2 or 4.

I hope, this will help you.

Hey, I bring some images.
Maybe it’s help:
In the first 2 layer 2 wasn’t rendered while in the 1 is rendered.

Difficult to say, what going wrong.
The first grey image, is just the complete environment diffuse map. Layer 2 does not have the rabbit and floor. so nothing to render. Only grass images. But the grass doesn’t show either. If you don’t have any light in the scene (layer 2), than only the default world grey color is rendered.

What if you move the floor to layer 2, does it show then? If not, no light.

I switch all to layer 2 and the rabbit to layer 1
when i render 1st layer i can see the rabbit
in the second i don’t see nothing but the background.
when i move the objects (all) to layer 1, still they all there but i can’t see nothing

It’s Solved.
I just take previous backup file and it’s look great there.
Thank you!!!

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