Grabber Idea

Hey Guys! So here’s what I think the solution to this problem is.

So first thing, I think we would create this as a component. Lets say we had two pressure points for two objects. We’d need them to act in the same way, which we could easily just add the component to give them both the same behavior.

I also believe this component should be given to the chair. Something like PlayerPickup.

So what this would do is first, we’d have private editable variables, one that leads to the player, the other would be the owner.

We’d then have to check if the player’s collider overlaps with it’s own collider.

Once that’s done, we’d have to give it an offset to the player’s transform location, while raising it up along the y access to make it look like it was picked up.

This is my psuedo-code idea for how this could work. Thoughts? :slight_smile:

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