Got carried away...A Japanese Castle!

I was having so much fun I got a bit carried away with a Japanese castle :joy:
Haven’t quite worked out how to join the different sides of the roofs yet, but was quite happy with the progress :slight_smile:
Hope you like it!


This looks awesome! You should put it in sketchfab.

Thanks Motoko! :slight_smile: What is Sketchfab? (I am a complete newbie ^^)

:: EDIT ::

So I slept on it, and went back to the model today. Added some elements which ‘joins’ each side of the roof together. Hope you like it!

5 Likes is a place where you can upload your blender files. Then you can embed them from sketchfab into this site and people can look at your 3-D model interactively from all angles :slight_smile: . check it out.

Ooh cool! Thank you so much. I’ll check Sketchfab out :slight_smile:

This is awesome! Is it modeled after a real Japanese castle? I have visited more than a few, but I don’t quite recognize your castle if it is. Anyway, fantastic job!

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: I only used some reference photos online to form the basic structure and the roof, otherwise it’s just from my mind ^-^

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