Good resource to learn to create 2D art?

I know Ben’s got the course in Blender for 3D assets, but where’s a good place for a non-artist to learn to create 2D assets? Does Ben have (or is developing) a course for that, and if not, what’s everyone’s favorite course, book, etc for that purpose?


Marco Vale has 2 courses on Udemy, Pixel Art for Video Games and 2D Bitmap Art for Video Games. Both are good.

Its a good idea to learn one raster image program (pixel based for detailed images and for editing images) and another program for vector images (vector based for Sharp images and creating objects).
For raster images there are some options, a paid one is the adobe photoshop and a free option is gimp.
For vector images there there is the paid adobe illustrator and the free inkscape.

There are other options for both, you could search and after you choose you can select a course from udemy.

Thanks for the tip, @Joao_Dalvi - I’ve used Gimp in the Unity course. What are some of the art specific courses for each type of image editing?

@hypnometal, I have yet to start one of those courses as well, so I cannot say which one is good or not, but for gimp there is a course named as “Learn Gimp”, which teaches how to work with gimp (not necessarily for game dev proposes), and for Inkscape there is “create original vector game art with inkscape for free” (game specific) and “learn inkscape now”, both from Itsván Szép. Those three are the courses that I’ll be doing.

For photoshop there are plenty of options

Obrigado pela ajuda, @Joao_Dalvi ! :slight_smile: