Going to Be Brave

So I guess this is a intro.

Hello to one and all. I am new and starting the udemy course on unreal C++ development. To be frank I am not super great at interacting with forums and communities and see that to be a weakness I have. So I am stretching my legs and pushing myself to break my non interaction nonsense and actually get involved.

Also at a point in my Course where I was asked to guess at the meaning of the main ().

I am guessing here and saying it’s the brain of the game. Anything that gets put inside or under (sorry) would be considered active or part of the game.

Best I got. Thanks for reading this. I hope it wasn’t to painful.


Great description. But.

Don’t forget that C++ is used to create many things, not just games.

Things that are outside of the main are also considered a part of the application too. Like a variable, you can define it outside of main, right?
Full definition of main(copied from a website) =>
main () function is the entry point of any C++ program . It is the point at which execution of program is started. When a C++ program is executed, it starts directly from the first line of the main function.

I dont know remember just starting so variables and defining aren’t a part of what I am learning just yet. The challenge was to guess. Not to look it up or study it I thought. It was plainly just to hear what the term was and take your best guess. I appreciate your reply but think you may be overestimating what the course has taught to this point.