Godot source keystore

So I finished a simple little game and I want to put it on Google play store but I can not for the life of me figure out the process for signing apk with a keystore. I signed up for the Google play console and followed there instructions using android studio to make an apk bundle. This created a file that godot does not recognize as a keystore. I tried the godot docs and that was just confusing. I also tried several suggestions I saw on reddit. Still didn’t work. I was able to make a debug keytool before but just can’t get a nin debug keystore. I am using windows 10. If anyone could help me step by step or work with me directly on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

So I did end up figuring out how to make a release keystore but it still is not recognized by the google play store. If anyone has published a game from godot to google play I would really love a walkthrough on how to do it.

Well I figured it out. Not exactly sure what I was doing wrong or what exactly made it work but I’ll try to explain as best I can. First I saw something about someone getting a similar error using unity. The solution was to delete all apk’s and re-export a fresh one. Next when exporting with a release keystore it will go through like a loading bar process. It gets to a point when almost done that says its signing the apk. At this point you have to switch over to the godot boot screen(the black window with all the startup code). That is where you put in the password you created and then it goes through the process of actually signing your apk. After that I put my apk on google play console, opted out of their signing and then it finally uploaded. Whew.

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wow, bit of a mission, glad you got it sorted. :+1:
took me long enough just to have a test game put on my android phone.
especially hunting for packages and the location of my keystore :frowning:

still dont understand the process yet.

Ya Its pretty tough figuring out how to use the comand prompt. I found most of what I needed to know searching through reddit. The process really seems to vary depending on what software you are using. I am using windows 10 but its different on mac or with linux. Anyway, I did manage to get my game on google play but still having some difficulty with it. I cant find it under the title name just the publisher name. Just sent them an email now asking them to fix it. If you want to check it out you can find it on google play store under sonandpopcoop. The game is called ABC GO though. Nothing fancy. Just a simple toddler game. Gonna capture a video soon and post it to share.