Godot course not (yet) on Gamedev Website

So I own several Gamedev courses on Udemy and recently went through the process of migrating my owned courses from Udemy over to the Gamedev website. After I got the message on Udemy to notify me that the migration was complete, the message stated that all of my courses were successfully migrated except for the Godot course. The message said that I would have to repeat the migration progress once the Godot course is available on the Gamedev website.

Do you have an ETA of when the Godot course will be available on the Gamedev website? It is my game engine of choice, and would like to see it migrated over ASAP.

Also, do you have any plans to update and/or release other courses covering aspects of Godot? The engine is growing rapidly in popularity, and IMO beats Unity on several aspects (not to mention the fact that it’s open source).

I would love to see a much larger focus on Godot courses!

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@Yann_Burrett & @ben what is the status of the Godot course on the GameDev.tv Website?

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3 months and no response, i guess we can see where this is going;)

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the course is nearing its current overhaul and update to the 3.1x content, yann has started the CubeDude.

imo probably have to wait and see what they say after that has been completed.

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