GlaDOS TextAdventure

Hi Guys, Just finished with developing the Game . Here the url, try out

GlaDOS Text Venture

Did you build a web version for the game from unity 4? I never quite got the old unity web player to work. I assume many people here will also not be able to play your game. If you want to reach more people, try the following:

  1. Import your project in Unity 5
  2. Adjust build setting: choose WebGL.
  3. Build the game: The game will be converted to something that can run natively in most web browsers and stored in a folder with an index file and some folders.
  4. Put everything except index.html in a zip archive.
  5. Upload both index.html and the zip file to your chosen online location (like Gamebucket)

At the end of sections 4 and 5 there’s a video explaining how to build for WebGL, you might want to check that out. Good luck, looking forward to playing your game.

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