Give my version of TEXT 101 a go :) - Custom logo & story

Any comments would be greatly appreciated guys.


Nice job! I liked the custom graphic, and the multiple ways to get into the graveyard.

I did notice that if you pick up the 2 stones first, the grave entry says something like “If only I could light the lamp” but you may not know the lamp exists yet. There were also a few extra line breaks on one page, and a misspelling “ecellent”.

All in all, well done! I look forward to chapter 2.

Hey, thanks a lot for your constructive and encouraging comments :slight_smile:

I have made some corrections following your comments and uploaded the updated version.

Thanks again!

My pleasure. The update looks good and has improved the minor issues I noticed.

Good luck in the rest of the course!

Enjoyed your game. Tanks for sharing :slight_smile:
I really liked your writing and the progression. But i found the choices simple to make and not really a puzzle.
So it felt like more like a storybook than a “game” which isnt a bad thing, just my point of view :slight_smile: keep it up!

Great buddy. Great work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouraging comments guys!

@LuckieLuuke I agree, there’s not much of a puzzle element. I might try and develop it further and add a hit points system and an inventory, and make it more of a puzzle than just a linear storyline.

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