Give it a try, Tell me what you think

I’m running unity 5.6 on Ubuntu (Linux) there are a few differences from the tutorial and the file structure was a little different…

This takes some time to load so please give it a chance


I liked the exciting beginning. The smoke was an exceptionally nice complication.

If you’re interested, I do have a couple of suggestions:

  • The text after you escape from the cell could use some minor editing, especially when you “make your out”.

  • Pass out isn’t a compound word.

  • Having the text suddenly change size after the first screen is a little jarring.

Hi Anthony,

I agree that it needs a bit of fine tuning and editing, I was so excited to get the game out I missed a few things that I’ll revisit with an update.

Really appreciate your feedback :+1:

Happy building :grin:

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