Ghost empty TankBarrel non-scene components which can't be deleted

It seems that someone ask this on Unreal website but no answer, so I wanna ask again in here.
I also tried to remake the tank_bp once. At least it doesn’t crash when I tried to rename those ghosts.
Also sometimes, turret, barrel and tracks lost. Can anyone help with this?

These are the errors came out when I tried to rename.

Did you try fully cleaning the project? I think it was lecture 119.

You could maybe also trick it by duplicating another class and header in the compiler IDE and renaming that to the broken components then removing from Unreal editor. But, can’t figure out if that is something you tried already. Or maybe it will allow creating a new component with the same name which would be easier if it did.

It’s happened before (probably the same person you’re showing), only way I know around it is to create an entirely new blueprint. Duplicating the blueprint means duplicating those corrupted components.

As for the static meshes, use the construction script to assign them.

After all my error disparaged. You can also delete all c++ code and vs and rebuild project. And refresh. Re open. Many error in ue4 on and off ue. I know that not help but.

This seams to be absolutely connected with change in c++ code and after that you do compilation. I think that will not affect nothing more then editor. Maybe good question is how to edit usset from eu4 directly in text editor.