Getting Stone textures right

I did notice when I was playing around with the stone that there was no TexCoord boxes. I looked all online and couldn’t find a solution. I was lucky enough to have a Unreal guy to help me out. I just wanted to share this info with you.

The stone material in particular I was doing was the Brick Clay Old Material. The texture of the brick shapes are located at “BaseColorTextureSamples” . Add a TexCoord to it and hook it into the UVs plug. This should give you the ability to modify the brick shapes.

Hope that helps anybody that came here looking for that particular material to modify.


To make it work in UE4.14.3 I had to replace all existing TexCoords nodes with the single one and also append it to the BaseColorTextureSamples texture AND to NormalTextureSamples texture.

And only then it’s possible to properly change tiling for this material (M_Brick_Clay_Old)…

Looks very uncomfortable and hacky for me, not sure if it’s a proper way…

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