Getting continual errors - any help would be great

Compare lines 10 and 27…

It looks like you probably have an error thrown somewhere based on the red squiggle on line 27.

Often, one error leads to a cascade of errors, so always focus on the one that comes first in the lines of source-code. You will often fix dozens of “errors” when you simply add a bracket or semi-colon where you may have forgotten one.

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Hi Caleb,

Looks like you’ve got a great reply from Jack, so just as a heads-up, you can copy/paste your code directly into the forum and then just apply code formatting to it. Doing so is typically much easier for those who volunteer to help you, especially if they can then copy/paste a specific part of the code back to you, which in turn, you could then copy/paste into your project.

Screenshots can be very useful when it comes to perhaps an error message or if you want to display details from the Unity editor itself, but again, putting the image directly into your post is more helpful, you will often find that busy people want always want to click around to go to which ever site the images are hosted on. I visited one myself recently and had to wait for lots of ads and things to finish loading before I could even see the image.

Some links below to help you as I can see you are new to the forum - welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

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