General form for each engine

I just had a topic that I thought would be good for here, but it isn’t specifically tied to a lesson, nor is it a showcase. It seems like a “General” folder would be perfect for it, but I can’t find any such thing. Can you create it?

Also, an “Advanced Topics” would be nice. Possibly others, I’ll consider it.

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Just use the root of the engine, like #unity or #unreal

Blender received a “General Discussions” sub-category yesterday, hoping to see how this gets used as opposed to the main Blender category (now effectively redundant but no obvious way to stop people posting in it).

I think it’s perhaps a little more obvious to see where to post non-course section specific posts, so if all goes well I’m hoping they can be added to the other main forum categories also (Lounge / Unity / Unreal / Cert etc)… again, I’m happy to move the posts, although I do wish there was just a way to “tick all” and “click” but I don’t see this option, not for moving multiple topics to a new category.

I think that “General Discussion” adds noise as it’s the same for every forum, and that just posting against the root of the forum as people have been works well.

That said Blender was inconsistant, well spotted Rob. I’ve moved everything up to the root of Blender, and deleted Blender’s “General Discussion” sub-category.

@Michael_Bridges note. This Topic will self-destruct in 48 hours.

It was inconsistent as we were trialling the use of the General Discussion topic rather than posting in the root after user requests! :smiley:

Trial Over! :slight_smile:

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