General chit chat & Random stuff

Hello! I’ve just made the jump over from Facebook and I was going through the topics here and figured I’d suggest a random chit chat thread in regards to blender and our ideas and stuff like that so the main blender board isn’t bogged down with random stuff.

Some of you may recognise my name from Facebook and wonder where I and my fabulously wonky squished pins disappeared too… Well the short and skinny of it without hyperbole is that I was breaking Facebook’s TOS so they gave me the boot which is well within their rights as a company.

While I’m going to try and get my account reinstated through the proper channels I decided to come over here for the mean time and just let those of you whom I dealt with that you didn’t frighten me off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, back to the depths of Blender! :+1:

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