GeForce 1080 vs. i7-3770k (3.5GHz)

First I ran my GPU at 512x512 and got 1:32. I then ran my CPU at 64x64 and got 4:42. Obviously gonna go with the GPU, so I ran some more tests on it.

128x128 - ~1:30
256x256 - 1:04
1028x1028 - 1:08

I felt like the original seemed like an outlier, so I reran 512x512 two more times and got 0:57 and 0:59. Then for fun, I ran 512x512 on a 2560x1440/100% render and got 5:42.

Is this from the BMW blend file? If so, did you by chance change any of the default settings within the blend file render panel itself? I have a similar system with a 1080TI and cant seem to get it below about 2:20.

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