Gamebucket rules [question]

Just a little confused, can I use commercial music on game bucket as long as I don’t try to sell my game? or I do I have to use creative commons music anywhere on the internet?

No, you cannot use any commercial musics on a game anywhere online without permission of its owner.
A lot of it has to do with brand protection and preventing defamation.
Thanks to Merzhin and Zesix on Discord for the answer to this as i had to double check for clarification.
Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

It does. Thanks :slight_smile:
Stuff from Wikipedias always safe though right?

Only if it is covered by a creative commons license.
If you google game music creative commons license a few sites come up but here is the first one that popped up to get you started :slight_smile:

Okay thanks! :slight_smile:

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