Game wont show


Hey so I got here by a udemy course, and I zipped the file by using winzip (that got me out of the proccesing part). But now the game will load up, but when it is done, there is just a blue square. from what I undeerstand I have done everything right.


Hi Mattias,

Have a quick look at your project and see if you still have the Sample Scene in the Build Settings. The camera may have the blue as it’s default colour so if there isn’t anything else in that scene, this is all you’d see.

Also, I guess you’ve already checked that the game runs in Unity without any errors? Have you also tried playing the game locally after it’s built (WebGL), do you experience the same issue locally?


Yes you are right I feel pretty stupid. I did upload the samplescene, which was wrong ofcourse. I used to only save the project not the scene.

When I saved the scene I could load it and it worked fine. Uploaded the game to sharemygame and had a friend of mine test it. Thanks for the quick response!



Glad you have resolved the issue and there’s absolutely no need to feel silly, these things happen, you are unlikely to do that again now, and if you do, you’ll reflect back and remember what the issue was - so great learning :slight_smile:


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