Game Won - Reset Bug

Hi Ben!

Not sure if it was brought up before (I did not have the time to browse the whole forum), but I think you have a small but critical bug in your Bulls and Cow game:

You never reset bIsGameWon back to false after you successfully won the first round :slight_smile:

Where do you see that?

void FBullCowGame::Reset()
	const FString HIDDEN_WORD = "plane"; // this MUST be an isogram
	MyHiddenWord = HIDDEN_WORD;

	MyCurrentTry = 1;
	bGameIsWon = false;


I did not check his code. I just did not see him doing it in the videos anywhere. Did I miss that perhaps too?

That line was added in “Handling Game Win Condition” currently lecture 42

Then I missed that completely.

Sorry about that!

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