[Game] Up Past Bedtime (a Text 101 adventure)

I’m pleased to present: “Up Past Bedtime” (a Text 101 adventure).
Game link: https://gamebucket.io/game/d46c2a26-7ca7-4773-bbfb-11b984e9c025

I spent way more time on this first game than I intended to when I started it, but I’m pleased with the final result. It has at least 5 bad endings, 1 happy ending, a classical soundtrack, and a bit of my humor. I hope it’s at least half as fun to play as it was to create. Any comments on it would be appreciated.

Now for me to move onto the next Unity course section. :slight_smile: I’m really enjoying this course so far, by the way, but I’ve been holding off on posting a review of it on udemy until I get further into it. That won’t happen quickly if I keep getting sidetracked with expanding the game projects into something with a bit more polish and my fully thought out designs.


Cool, good job mate. :slight_smile:

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