[Game] text101 Prison break

Here is my one. Pretty simple. Good to learn coding straight away, though.
[Edit - just noticed there are a couple of “…” missing from the text, my text editor must have skipped them when copying somehow. oops]

Prison Break

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Very nice James, and a captivating story line also :slight_smile:

I only got whacked once :smiley:

Spotted a couple of typos and the odd space missing (might be from concatenating strings on multiple lines) but the game flowed very nicely, well done :slight_smile:

So, what’s next? Any extension for this story line planned?

Thank you :slight_smile:

At this stage I want to focus on progressing through the course and learning more advanced stuff. I might pick up the story elsewhere or use it as a starting point for something else.

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Great stuff - look forward to seeing the next game then :slight_smile:

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