[GAME] Space Wars

Hi, everyone this is my result for the Laser Defender section:
Space Wars

I should have, published it few weeks ago, but I tried to make a PowerUp that doesn’t work :sweat_smile:
However, here you some informations about the game:
-Use the left & right arrow, to move.
-Press Space to shoot
-The Starship can’t more, than 4 hits!

In conclusion, that’s all folks, see ya in the next section :wave:


Good job! The art style is cool, and I like the way you blink the ship when it gets hit.

Great work, I like the 8 bit fell of it, can I ask you how did you create the splash screen when you start your game ?


Hi, the splash screen, that I used in this project, it’s a feature that comes, with Unity 5.5, while I’ve created the logo by myself

I am using unity 5.5 myself, but I don’t know where to insert the logo.

Go on Edit–> Project Setting–> Player, and you should see in the Inspector, the splash screen settings

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thanks I found it, way easier, I was doing everything by code.

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