[GAME] Space Bubba

Aid Bubba in his journey to find food in space :hamburger:

I made three different levels where the enemies have different base stats and different projectiles/shooting patterns.
I added a shop system in between levels where you can purchase upgrades for your Bubba, also made it so that each time you repeat a level the difficulty of the enemies scales up, meaning more health, damage, fire rate and projectile speed.
I had planned to make a boss fight level at the end but I wanted to move on to the next project.

Let me know if you find any bugs or have suggestions/feedback :grinning:

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amazing work, congratulations!

Question, how did you manage to create blinking effect when the enemy get hit ?

I really like the upgrade shopping, I will try to implement that as well!

thanks for sharring!

Thanks for the feedback!

As for the blinking effect, I couldn’t figure out how to play a second animation alongside the idle animation, so I just created a simple coroutine method in the Enemy script that just sets the gameObject.renderer.material.color to Color.red, waits 0.07 seconds, switches it back to Color.white, and then repeats.

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I will try this, any this from the in game store?

What do you mean?

The game is nice, I like how you keep your character and he lives a story along the different games.

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