Game Project: Night Shift


Well Rick thanks to you I now have a MVP to show. My last post was about throwing a party to show it off and happy to say it went well! No crashes and I got some videos for the MVP as well as a download link if anyone wants to try it out! Let me know what you guys think!


Download: (click on the build link)

Looks like I get to keep my 1070 afterall :slight_smile:


Great work! Well done on organising the party and having things go well. Make sure you have your next goal and next milestone figured out so that you can work towards that.


Next major milestone will be a playable MP demo and I’m aiming for the next 2 weeks (most of the framework is already set and working) also I did create a page with a new download link at

Hope to get more feed back soon so once I roll out the Mp demo it should have some new awesome features / bug fixes :slight_smile:


Hi, cool project, great work!
The sphere is working, it does feel like “late night” indeed.
I really like the music, it fits the sphere well and makes the game feel extra “badass” combined with the lighting etc.
My two tips:

  • I couldn’t read all the text fast enough in the video, unless pausing it. Maybe show some short context info at the start of a next video?
  • The main menu already looks very cool. Just an idea here is to see how it would look if you add a neon light bar around the buttons on the left, as a small border around them, like if the buttons would be advertising panels of the street.

The best of luck with your project and your next milestone!


Thanks! I may have gone a bit overboard with the music budget lol.
I’ll upload a new video once I get the multiplayer system working (soon),
and that menu idea is awesome! I’ll play around with it because that is
something I think would look good.