[GAME] Prison-ish Break

This is a rough ‘n’ ready version of Ben’s Prison game, with my version partly inspired by the TV show Prison Break.

I’ve followed Ben’s structure in order to avoid overcomplicating the whole process. The main thing is that it works perfectly and the text is readable.

A link to the game on GameBucket is here.

I played your game. Never ran into Poseidon, infact I don’t think there is a way to lose your game. Also I noticed that if I go back into the closet after taking the dress the dress is still in there and it prompts the player to put it on.

It was mostly well programmed, aside from the dress, the cell was done properly. I’d like there to be a bigger change from the story line in the course. It looks like you started to change the story but ended up with one mostly like the instructors.

Thanks for the feedback. In truth, I was very eager to continue work on the other projects in the series, so I would only class this project of mine as “OK”.

In regards to its structure, true; I did follow the instructor’s flow, so are stories could be similar. I didn’t follow his video, so I would be interested in seeing the comparisons between mine and his. In regards to not failing, the GDD has no “fail” option – so, nor did my story!

In regards to the programming, I think this is a solid attempt. My storytelling skills did begin to fall by the wayside (the wearing the dress bit in particular was not thought-out) but my personal goal was to ensure the flow followed that of the GDD document, which I think I achieved. It’s rough, yes, but I don’t think I can be a perfectionist just yet!

Thank-you for taking the time to check out my work and I would be more than welcome to check out any projects you may have put together :slight_smile:

Finally! Someone who is willing to play my game. I put far too much effort and time into into it.

Happy to do it. I’ll play it, put together feedback and reply to you directly via this thread :slight_smile:

Firstly, I can immediately tell you’ve got more skill than most of us here, so well done for creating something very advanced!

I’ve gotten quite far in your game, enough to give solid feedback on both the games strong points and places that could be improved:

Strong points:

  1. Great use of visuals; for a text adventure game, I really did that glum, grim feeling of being trapped in the dark unkonwn! More specifically, I liked your heading graphic and icons

  2. Linking to the above, having an inventory system is brilliant as your game can get quite complex in terms of how much you pick up and carry

  3. Text speed-up is great. In fact, having text appear as if typed is a very good feature. I noticed that text you’ve already read seems to pass even faster? Great feature!

  4. Story was quite interesting, funny at times too!


  1. Your opening menu has two commands for Enter – progress and speed-up text. Can be confusing as Enter is progress (in this scene) and speed text in other scenes

  2. Many, many spelling/grammatical errors. Some I spotted included: Last of capital P on the very first scene, semi-colon after escaping your cell on the very final word, no capital Y in “You see a dimly lit hall…”, cell is spelled wrong when you first see the blind man

  3. If you pick up an object, the game should really send you back to a previous scene, move you to another or simply remove the text asking you to pick up the object again

  4. The game needs a save point. It’s very challenging, and I understand it’s an advanced feature, but it’s very frustrating getting far then having to start again

  5. Very inconsistent spacing; Difficult at first glance to see what’s story and what are instructions for sections that have two sets of commands

  6. Story seems like massive guess work, with seemingly innocent options resulting in end-game


Very good game, well programmed, and can be near-perfect with some of the feedback I’ve provided!

Thanks for the input, this is really great. I agree with the save point, that would be a good feature to have. Thanks for reviewing my game, I’m glad you liked it.

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