[Game] Prision Escape (Swedish)

Backbone is the same as the course material, a few more choices and 4 ways to gloriously die.
You can guess your way trough but you will miss the gory details if your swedish is a bit rusty.

Tried to add som ambient music and effects, did not really get the hang of that but I guess that is covered later.


I liked that added sound effects, I wish I knew Swedish.

It is never to late to learn, or google translate! :wink:

Ha ha! I’ve been hand typing your game into google translate. It is taking too long for me to play your game. My hands are getting tired from typing, and even when I translate, it doesn’t appear to make that much sense. My lack of willingness to put in accent marks is probably messing up the translation. It would be better if I could copy and paste the messages into google translate.

You are the first person to put in background ambient noise of all the games I have seen. I was picking up other ideas from other games like a counter that determines how many end states unlocked. I don’t think I’m going to implement them in my game, maybe if I don’t have much else to work on, I’ll go back and do it. but it was interesting to see what other people think of.

A+ for effort! I can relate to google translate making weird translations and that you probably dont have the Swedish åäö. (video for context https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f488uJAQgmw)

But jokes aside I can send a translated version if you really want the story!

That video was pretty funny. Swedish wouldn’t be a bad language to learn. It seems nice there. One thing that bothers me about Sweden, do the people there know how to complain? I have never heard a Swede complain about anything. Most people would think that’s a good thing, but I believe that is a sign of an unstable democracy.

I get this sense that people there repress their grievances in order to get along. It doesn’t strike me as healthy. Anyway, Sweden is probably the closest thing on Earth we have to a utopia, I just wonder how stable it is.

That is a profound deep question. Well I can assure you that we Swedes complain, but it tends to be on the little things because in comparision our troubles are petty and the majority have the insight (mostly) to know that. I suppose that we from a observer standpoint are quite “mellow” and give of a vibe of compliance but that derives from the nations spirit of not being presumtious and respect your privacy as an individual. When you are with family and friends Swedish people tend to be much more outgoing and social. Sometimes downright crazy :slight_smile:

Like most of Europe there is a “right” wind blowing politically due to a overseen and displeased lowmiddle class that feel treathed by the urbanization. Conventional industrial jobs going either abroad or being replaced by drone/machines creates a pocket of displease that a certain extermist right party takes advantage of. More or less the same as with Trump and Mexicans in the USA.

Apart from that we have not been at war for over 200 years, we import other nations trash because we recyle our own so efficently that we run out (the other countries of course pay for it, it’s not a charity)

We have paid parental leave for both parents and it usually taken 50/50, We pay around 29-32 % of our income in tax. (if you make more than about 4000 Euros/dollars a month, ever euro/dollar over that it’s 50% tax)

Daycare, Elemenary, Highschool and University is all free, (there might sometimes be a minor fee for course litterature) You even get money while you study around 150 Euros a month during semesters (while at university)

We have paid dentalcare until you are 25, you have a max limit on prescription drugs and medical visits (you should never pay more than 150 Euro per year, everything above that is free)

So all in all, I would say that we are stable, I myself love to travel and have seen quite a few counties and while it might take a little extra time to get to know us and out nation, it’s time well spent.

If you ever happen to pass by Stockholm, I be glad to invite you for a swedish “fika” :slight_smile:

Do they have gluten-free Fika?
I’ve found that consumption of wheat leads to brain fog and mild idiocy. Could be because I’m allergic to it. I’ve noticed that eating wheat dramatically reduces my attention span and causes me to be more easily entertained. I tested positive for Celiac disease (gluten allergy), but I think there is an effect on the brain to eating wheat, even with people who do not test positive for Celiac disease, and that effect is mostly not good for people.

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