[GAME] Other Side - A Horror Text Adventure

You can play opening scene of my horror text adventure game here. Tahnk you so much!
Other Side - A Horror Text Adventure opening scene:


Nice opening scene, pretty immersive, keep up the good work 'cause I see a good game there!! I just wanted to point out that there are some grammar mistakes here and there (I mean no offence if you’re not english).
Btw how did you get the letters in bold?

Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m from Turkey, so English is not my native language. But I will check it carefully; because of the excitement of completing scene, i didn’t make a proper language control.

You can make any text bold by using < b > < /b > format (without spaces). You can find much more in this documentation:


Thank you again!

Thanks for the info and good luck with your game!!!

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