[Game]One more Block Breaker

Here is mine :

Not finish yet, but my son ask me for an android version so i’ll come back on it later :smiley:

Functionnalities :

  • It’s in French ! …
  • Added Lives, you begin with 3.
  • Added Score, but it’s only visual.
  • Added Level information
  • Added Bonus : Magnet : your pad follow the ball, Fireball : destroy every breakable brick, Laser : not implemented yet.
  • Each bonus is active for only 5 seconds. (watch your paddle at end of magnet as it go back to your mouse …)

Todos :

  • Laser bonus
  • ending score depending on time left at end of level
  • Better bricks visual
  • more and more levels !

I would like to add features but I want to learn more of unity and I have more courses after that one :smiley:

Have fun :wink:

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