[Game}Number Wizard with 'Difficulty' setting

Good day, everyone
The logic of the game is exactly the same as taught in the lecture. Additionally, I added a new scene to choose the difficulty of the game for the user, for the ‘Easy’ mode, the max number of guesses allowed are set to 4, for ‘medium’, it’s 8 and for ‘hard’, it’s 12. I would appreciate the feedback.


It guessed the same number twice. 110.

It’s a mistake on my behalf, apologies for that, actually the text “This is it - >” is actually the third button to confirm the number by the player himself, I, myself should have added a feature in which in case there is no ‘window’ remaining for anymore guesses, it should take the player to “You Lose” screen, instead the only way to do that in this game for now is to click on “This is it”, I’ll definitely add it. Thank you

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