[GAME] Number Wizard UI with bonus difficulty, animations and more!

A very simple version of the Number Wizard UI game, but I’ve added a few new features that makes the game a little better than that of the tutorial. Added features include:

  • Bonus hard round (whereby the cpu has double the guesses)
  • Text animations
  • ‘Cloud’ effect (this is actually the particle system edited to look like a cloud effect)
  • Non-default text and backgrounds
  • Input field for guesses
  • Remaining guesses UI component

Game link: here.

I tried to store the number in the input field, so the player automatically loses if that number appears in the game, although I couldn’t get this to work.

I’m also aware the text is quite small. It’s not optimized that well, but it’s readable, so that’s the main thing. If I had more time I would have fixed this.

All feedback welcome. Enjoy!

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I thought those text animations were really cool. How did you do that? That was neat.

Although the game is not programmed correctly. The Number Wizard guessed the same number 6 times in a row ( I still lost that round, unbelievably)

If you need help with the input field, I can definitely help you with that, my Number Wizard Game “Psychic Test” uses an input field, I got it to work just fine. I can step you through how to do it if you want.

Thanks for the feedback. I really didn’t notice the CPU selecting the same number multiple times. Not sure why it’s happening. Will test this out.

As for the animations, it’s quite simply by playing around with the animation options and applying it to text. Try it for yourself by scaling and rotating text using the animation tool; It’s super intuitive and really makes everything look a lot more interesting.

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