[GAME] My take on Laser Defender

Check out my Laser Defender game! It has different sprites, sounds and music, and two enemy types. It also has some extra particles that’s (meant to) resemble asteroids and close up stars. The thing I’m most pleased with is that it remains on the game screen when you die. And for the record put the star particles on the start screen before I got to that lecture. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still using version 4.7.2 so it won’t work in Chrome. Controls are WASD to move and LMB to shoot.

Big thanks to @Joao_Dalvi for responding when I needed help.



Hey James, congratulations for concluding this game and for all the modifications that you have done, I feel that we learn a lot more by making some changes to the project, it forces us to understand how the engine works so we can implement new things.

Once I get home I’ll give it a try!

I really like the changes you made! particle system for engines and explosions are very cool!

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@EpicArcher79 Thanks!

@Joao_Dalvi Definitely. I’m starting to feel that the real learning comes from trying things that’s been taught by yourself. I feel more confident now, among other things, in using the particle system, creating my own methods and using the if and else methods. :slight_smile:


I also feel this way, I really recommend to everyone taking unity courses to push their games further than the proposed by the teacher.

By the way, I’ve tried several times to run your game in two different computers but It didn’t work, sorry for not being able to test it.

Best Regards,

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Can’t seem to run the game. When I ran into a similar issue making the following change helped:


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