[GAME] My Number Wizard UI Game (with a couple of extra features)

Hey guys! Here’s my Number Wizard game: https://gamebucket.io/game/7eebbe85-9b74-427b-9692-783027e68228

I added a couple of extra features to the base game:

  • Displays the current try out of the total number of tries the computer has
  • Say your number is 202. If the computer guessed 201, then you said higher, and it guesses 203. If you click higher it will detect that you’re lying. Likewise, if you said lower, and it guessed 202 correctly, and you clicked anything but “Yes!”, it will detect that you’re lying.

Thanks for playing!

Now that is really awesome. How did you get the code to do that. I imagine you set the guess to a second variable but get lost beyond that.

Impressive, this is about as good as number wizards get I imagine, could benefit from sound, overall I like it, I like how you thought to program it to know when someone is lying, very clever.

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