[Game] My Number Wizard UI Game Updated With Ability to Select Maximum and Minimum Range

Hey, so I’ve returned to this a second time and added the ability to select minimum and maximum range. Let me know what you think. :grinning:


Hi James,

Alas, many of us will need a WebGL build in order to play it. The underlying technology that the Unity Web Player used is no longer supported by the more recent versions of the mainstream browsers.

Later in the course you upgade to Unity 5, at that point you could return to this game and rebuild it with the newer version and share it again :slight_smile:

You could of course offer it as a Stand Alone build via Google Drive or DropBox or any hosting you may have.

Hope this is of use. :slight_smile:

I’m not able to play it because it is not a Web GL build.

Aw when did this happen? Strange, I could open it in IE before I posted it here, but now I’m getting an error. I suppose I could send it using OneDrive. Sorry for stupid question but is it the project files I need to send so people can open it in their Editor?

It started a little while ago now. Firefox was one of the more recent changes, Chrome quite some time ago, no idea about Internet Explorer/Edge.

Sadly, this is the reason a lot of people who share their game go a little un-noticed as people want to be able to play them easily rather than trying to find a compatible browser. WebGL resolves this though as and when you move to a newer version of Unity.

As of Unity 5 WebGL was included. Unity 5.3 was the last version which shipped with the Unity Web Player, as of 5.4 it was gone.

Regarding sharing it, if you choose the PC/Mac standalone build, after telling it where to create it you will be there is a sub-directory called “Release”. Zip up the contents of that and share that with friends and/or family and they should be able to download and play your game.

Hooe this helps and sorry for the delay, I have been driving today so in the car for a few hours.

Thanks, Rob! I used the PC/Mac standalone build but don’t see the “Release” folder. Oh well, think I’ll just wait until I get to Unity 5.

My aging brain may be failing me, I.will double check wjat the output is in the morning and let you know.

Updated Tue Aug 01 2017 23:20

My bad, its the data directory you need, along with the executable it creates.

So, I didn’t want to say this because I’m feeling kinda stupid now, but I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you either. So I’ve zipped the data file up and put in the executable, put it in OneDrive and got the link. The thing is when I click the link it does download the zipped files but it also takes me to my OneDrive page as well, so I don’t if that’s safe to share?

No reason to feel stupid at all, the only confusion with the process of sharing your game here is due to the differences between the course material and the changes to the browser/Unity. :slight_smile:

I haven’t used OneDrive myself, but I would imagine you have some form of security settings you can configure so that its “read only”, e.g. no one else can store anything else to your drive. I would imaging this is probably the default anyway.

If you want, send me a private message on here with the URL and I will try it for you and let you know if I was able to see any links to do anything that perhaps I shouldn’t be able to. I can send you a screenshot of what I see etc. :slight_smile:

Updated the first post with a link to download the game via OneDrive! Big thanks to Rob for helping me out with this. :grinning:

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No problem at all, and again, nice implementation of the game - really like your configurability feature for the lowest / highest range :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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