[Game} LOST: Feat. Time Changes, Music, Hunger, Art


I probably spent too long on this, and it took me forever figuring out how to add dynamic text via script. I spent some time trying to understand how to connect two separate classes, but ended up giving up on that idea for now (I’m sure it will be covered later anyways).

It was surprisingly easy adding the music (made by me in GarageBand for iOS) and the background picture (also by me). Both of those were inspired by the INFIDEL game posted just below mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

I had a good graph to follow, but ended up changing a lot (adding a lot) due to the hunger aspect of the game.

Honestly, there is so much more that I wanted to add to this, but at this time there’s no reason for me to spend more time doing that. I would rather be learning more efficient ways to produce code and advance my knowledge! Really looking forward to seeing what’s next and seeing what everyone else is making!

Cool game. Sometimes when I approach the guru with the fruit it doesn’t give me the option to share it with him though

Thank you so much for playing! That’s super cool.

Just out of curiosity, do you remember if you had the knife when you approached the guru?

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