[Game] Laser Defender w/ Improved Player Mechanics


The only part of the lesson I really decided to improve on was the player mechanics. Moving left and right doesn’t seem to cut it for a modern shoot-em-up, I so I added the ability to move up and down as well as the ability to slow your ship down by holding the left shift button.

The sound effects and music are from other sources and most of the graphics were from the bundle included with this lesson. Although, the player’s laser is something I made myself. I tried converting this game to Unity 5, but had a lot of bugs in it such as the animations not working.

UPDATE: The Z key is used for shooting instead of the space key for this game.

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Pretty good! I couldn’t figure out how to SHOOT though =)
Great mechanics otherwise!

Ah, I forgot that they used Space to shoot for this game. I’m too used to shoot-em-ups using the Z key for shooting, so I used the Z key for shooting in my game. I’ll revised that in my original post.

Wow This Game Is GREAT!. I Love Fast Paced Games! 10/10

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