[Game] Laser Defender: Terrorize your pursuers!

Hey all!

Below is the Gamebucket link for my version of Laser Defender:


I’m happy to be able to share it at last! I added several tweaks and new scenarios to build upon my knowledge learned from the lesson, especially when it comes to particle effects! For the most part, these additions will add more variety to locations and gameplay:

-Added thruster particle effects for all ships; player ship has lateral thrusters dependent on what direction player chooses to move.
-Added laser projectile particle effects to make the munitions look more lively.
-Added six more levels that take place around various parts of the galaxy. A secret seventh level is also available for the curious that can find it!
-Added friendly ships that can assist the player and destroy the enemy ships (Repeater (Green), Torpedo (Blue)).
-Included three more enemy types: Bomber (Blue) , Commando (Green) , and Fodder (Orange).
-Included shields to indicate when damage is done to either friendly, enemy, or player ships.

Regrettably, I was unable to incorporate a way to track the player ship’s health ://// But that was among the very few things that the game seemed to lack. I hope there is enjoyment to be had with this game! It’s my favorite thus far! I would love any feedback about the game so I can make further improvements to it, if any.

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