[Game] Karate Prison

What happens when you read some Iron Fist Comics and then take the Text 101 module of the course?

Karate Prison

You’ve been sent to prison for using Ancient Karate, don’t they know they can’t cage your FURY?!?

Use your wits, fists, and fashion sense to escape prison!

Dreams Really Do Come True (in 2017)

(Honest Trailer: I just made silly tweaks to the original course text…)

Thanks for checking it out! :smile_cat:

Here is the WebGL/html5 build of the game :grimacing:


Karate Prison html5

Hah, that was great, David! I liked your silly story. I also liked the way you separated the controls text from the story text using parentheses.

Great job!

Thanks, K.R.! I appreciate the kind words! :meat_on_bone:

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