Game Idea + Mashup Idea in one


I’d like to combine the first two videos of section 2:

  • coming up with a high-level idea for a new game with a pick up and deliver mechanic, then
  • think of two other games and mash up core aspects of them into this new game

What’s this game about

The players are IT administrators in a company rushing to fix the network before a boss’s big meeting. The boss needs to download a presentation they (of course) haven’t backed up anywhere else and they need it right now!

Even worse, this company is so disorganized you don’t even know what shape or extent this network has! So you’re learning about the network as you go.

What do I do?

The players travel around a board picking up necessary items like routers, cables, tools, and even permission from other people to buy these things, in order to fix parts of the network that are broken. You pick up parts and deliver them to the broken parts of the network to fix it.

How do I win?

The players all work together to fix the same network. You win once all parts of the network are fixed before a turn limit.

Mash up of core aspects from two games

  1. Power Grid, where the more a given resource is bought the lower its supply and the greater its cost (see:
  2. Dominion, a deck builder game where you gradually build your own desired set of cards to suit your specific strategy (see:

I have this vague yet exciting idea where the players, when they find a broken part of the network, get a hint that one of several tools are needed to fix it, e.g. a new router, cable, power switches. But e.g. cables are cheaper than everything else until you try to use too many cables and they cost a lot. And when you pick up resources on the board they turn into cards in a deck that you randomly are able to draw for a given turn. I’m not sure.

I think this specific idea is a little too complex but it was fun coming up with it!


First off, what an amazing theme! I love it!

Second, I’m enjoying the mashing of a mathsy euro game like power grid with a deck builder like Dominion. I think you have a real winner here!


This sounds intriguing. How’s this coming up so far?


That is a great theme for a pick-up and deliver game :smiley: It kind of reminds me of Magic Maze - I guess a sandtimer would make your game quite hectic as well


Nice this is good for learning of networking too. can be used in elearning of network related courses. if we have some additional rules like routers don’t connect to printers or webserver will need a firewall. Nice i like this idea already.