Game idea + Mash Up idea


Game idea:
What is this game about?
Players are in the woods picking-up mushrooms and delivering them to a restaurant.
What do I do?
Players have to find clues about where to find a good spot for mushrooms. (Maybe this is done by solving a riddle?)
When they found out the spot they should try to get there first.
On their way back to the restaurant they could be raided by other players and their mushrooms could be taken from them.
How do I win?
Players win when they found all the different types of mushrooms in the needed amount for a certain mushroom dish and managed to deliver them to a restaurant. The win condition is First to Finish.

Mash Up:
This is a very rough idea: I was trying to make a mash-up of aspects of Cockroach Poker and Android: Netrunner. In Cockroach Poker you hand out cards and you can either lie about the type of the card or tell the truth. Either way - the last player has to take a guess if you said the truth or you lied. If his guess was wrong he has to keep the card. I thought that this could maybe be combined with the idea of Icebreakers in Android: Netrunner, which give you protection against certain cards - so in Cockroach Poker you would have “Icebreakers” which can protect you from cards given to you by other players.


I love it! Especially the theme. Sounds like it’d be a hoot to play!


I am currently thinking about creating my essential experience (which should be the excitement of discovering trails and mushroom spots) with an exploration mechanic.

So far I could only think of marking the different path segments with different icons - and then you could draw symbols from a bag - if you find the correct symbols matching the path segment you can advance the path.

Do you have any suggestions for exploring or path finding mechanics? Or any games I could use for inspiration?


If we’re focusing on the feeling of exploration, I suspect that having a large number of things to discover would do it. Maybe a deck of illustrated mushrooms? Or with a bag, have each tile being slightly different. For some reason I’m picturing tiles painted in watercolor. That way the player is excited to see each one.

I’d check out Tokaido - it’s not exactly about exploration, but it has a similar feeling of a wonderful time. Or take a look at Above and Below, which has an adventure book.