[Game] Haunted house themed text-adventure game (Text101)

Hi guys, I’m following the Udemy C# Unity course, and I’d like to share my text-adventure game: "Home by the Sea"
I hope you enjoy playing, and I’d love to hear your feedback.
Thanks for your time, and happy learning!

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Wow this was really great. The whole game is programmed correctly, way different storyline, nice graphics, I even like that you used a different game hosting service. I like how it has a description at the bottom. Good job!

Hi @wcoltd, thank you very much for playing the game and leaving the comment! We were planning to make a very simple text adventure game with this theme, and it was very lucky that I learned how to make it through this course :grinning: Yeah, the hosting service works quite well! :slight_smile: thanks again for your comments! Happy learning!

I’ve played close to a dozen text adventures on this site and yours was my favorite. There was a Swedish one that had ambient background sounds that was pretty cool.

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Wow, that’s amazing :smiley: I’m really happy you liked this one among so many others! Yeah, it would be cool to have moody ambient sound and maybe some creepy music since it’s a horror game :stuck_out_tongue: I’m hoping to add more to the game (as I learn more), and your feedback is a great encouragement! Thanks a lot!

Great game, nice use of descriptive text and a nice change of setting. Keep going! I especially liked your surprise if you try to back out of the adventure!

Thank you so much for the feedback, @Zorro :slight_smile: I’m very happy that you liked
the game. We hope to improve on it as we learn more :slight_smile: Thank you for the


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