[Game]Glitch Garden!

Hey, at least it’s done :smiley:

Some modifications in my version :

  • Stars pops out and are collectibles (still some bug at this point)
  • The defender bar/button are available only if you have enough stars to spawn them
  • There is something hidden to help you not lose the first time an ennemy pass through your defenses (bones animation)

It’s far from being finish … So much things to do :smiley:

WebGL :

Apk If you want:

need feedback for the collectible stars (if someone did this and it works better, share ideas please ^^)

it’s time for some 3D creations now .

Hello! I just tried to play your game but the grass was glitchy. I was not able to play it. It might be my computer but I figured I would let you know just in case. The entire grass area was reduced to a one by one square at the bottom left corner. I am not sure what happened. But I really like the assets you chose!

Do you have a screenshot ?
Some friends play it without problems :confused:

It also has no music on the level. The splash screen works with the sound. But the levels don’t make any noise. The first time I played it there were no characters or animations. I just tried to play it again and I see two of the Lizard men and two really cool looking men in armor.

Hope this helped in some way. I opened the WebGL. I am using an iMac to play so maybe it built weird for IOS? Please let me know if you figure it out, I would love to get to play it!

Yep, really strange, nor my PC or my mac have that problem. May be caused by the browser, which one did you use ?
I’ve got problems on an old mac with chrome but it was webgl not activated :smiley:
I know that mobile have problems with unity webgl (on my phone it always crash).

I am using Safari and this is the newest iMac on the market so that shouldn’t be a problem. Weird. Must just be my luck. Ill try a different browser. Thanks.

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