[Game] Epic NumberWarlock -Score,Difficulty,Music ect

I put some extra effort into the NumberWarlock. We have 3 difficulty levels, music, onclick animation and a score system that tracks your concecutive wins for amazing points.

You will also get a lot more points on higher difficulty settings, and if you think you can cheat the Warlock by changing your guess, uhuh he will take all your points away.

How high can your score become?
oh and right if you loose all the points are lost.

Post your highest score for bragging rights!


Oh man, this is so awesome!

I’m just a beginner, so I can’t believe you did all this amazing stuff with this assignment.

How do you do the different difficulty settings?

Thanks, but I’m also a complete beginner :slight_smile:. The different difficulty settings are made by raising the max number of guesses. The buttons sets the MaxGuessesAllowed int.

You score a 1000 point for a easy win 1500 for medium and 2000 for a hard win. Each time you win in a row we have a consecutiveWin int that multiplies the score that you got. IE for the second win on medium you will get 1500*2 = 3000 + (earlier score).

I’m building the Blockbreaker now and that will probably be even better :smiley:

I liked it, but I thought it was too difficult. There is no way its going through all the guesses even on medium settings. It is a game that you always lose.

Well, the Half random/ half dividing logic makes some runs very unfair to be sure, If you have a low number like 84 and the rand guess becomes 100 on an early guess you will probably loose. But some of my friends managed to get some scores in 12 000 before loosing so it’s not impossible. Just not very likley or that much fun to play as a game. :slight_smile: Still a fun project to code and design.

I want my soul back :stuck_out_tongue:


You did a great job, congratulations!

Thanks for the experience :grinning:

Thanks! :smiley:

You’ve added some really nice features to the base game which makes it very unique, well done. :slight_smile:

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