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I have seen quite a few people mention about collaborating on a project, indeed we have a separate Collaborate sub-forum here for that very thing, but equally there are a large number of people in team sizes of one. I have often seen posts from students saying how they got to a certain point in the courses and felt they needed to take a break or got distracted or whatever else.

A team of just one can be tough. Whilst you get the ability to be solely responsible for all of the decision, you also get to be solely responsible for all of the decisions! To stay on track with both your personal development or your game development can at times be very challenging, other commitments such as family, children, friends, taking the dog for a walk can easily come between you and your goals. When torn between the things you should be doing, how do you choose between perhaps spending time with your partner or working through another chapter of the course? Do you spend the time with your partner, but then stay up really late, working into the early hours because that’s the only time you can? As a team of one you will always need to make compromises.

Quite some time ago I stumbled across and subscribed to a website/app called MindTools. Whilst I am not really trying to promote their service or advertise them in anyway, there are a number of very interesting/useful articles that I have seen and recently I saw a few that I thought could be appropriate to share with those of you who are working in a team of one. I should add that they are not specific to game development or learning, in fact, they are probably more work-place oriented, but as a team of one you often live in your own work place and I feel they offer value.

Whether you are working through one of the courses, or developing your own game, I hope that some of the information in these articles may prove to be of use to you.

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