[GAME] Defender '41 - Laser Defender with a WWII twist!

I loved this section of the course and really got into the project. I took on a few extra challenges to implement things such as (very basic) animations, health display, a custom setting and graphics and some extra game feel stuff (“juice”!).

You can check it out here: https://adynod.itch.io/defender-41

Let me know what you think!


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Oh wow you’ve put so much effort in to that, great job!
Love the little pixel Spitfires etc. Nice to see it completed, menus, music, all that.
Gameplay reminded me of long ago standing at cabinets pumping in coins :slight_smile:

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Thanks StandUp_Gamer! Happy to hear you enjoyed it! A big inspiration was playing 1942/3 in the arcades after Judo sessions as a young 'un. :grinning:

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