[GAME] Brick Breaker with scores, combos, and new paddle mechanics!

Here’s a link to my version of the Block Breaker game:


In addition to the design from the course website, I implemented some of my own things!

  • Added a cool start screen animation featuring the autoplay feature :slight_smile:
  • Added a score system which carries through each level
  • Added a combo point system - hit many bricks at once for a huge point bonus!
  • Instead of a shaped paddle, the ball bounces off of the paddle with a “spin” based on the movement of the paddle

It might be a little tricky to get to the end because I haven’t implemented player lives yet, but I have found it is still pretty addicting anyways!

Please sent any comments, questions, suggestions, and bug reports my way! There are a few more features I am considering adding before moving on to the next project.

Also… props to anyone who can guess what I did to make the block cracking sound :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you crack a cookie? :joy:

Your combo system was a nice idea, good job!

Good guess :stuck_out_tongue: it’s the sound that comes from twisting a frozen ice cube tray.

I thought the combo system was cool since it made the final score at the end actually variable. I eventually went back and gave the player multiple lives so it’s actually completeable now but never got around to uploading it here.

Thanks for giving it a try :slight_smile:

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