[GAME] Block: My block breaker game

Link to game (WebGL): https://dartvalince.itch.io/block

After finishing the block breaker course, I worked on changing it up a bit. The following are some of the things I’ve done with the game.

  • Changed graphics to a minimalism approach. (this is mostly because i’m not great at creating graphics).
  • Add trail renderer to the ball
  • Added particle systems. One for when the ball hits the paddle (looks like confetti) to give visual positive reinforcement to the player, and one to the blocks to show them breaking apart when hit
  • Added different level types, which stack up after each level. The level types in order are “scrolling blocks”, “falling stage” and “boss”
  • Added a boss/enemy paddle to the boss stage which turns it into semi-pong style battle
  • Added a menu system throughout the game which includes a pause and options menu

A couple of things to note, the falling stage and the boss stage where the most fun to figure out in terms of programming. In the falling stage, each GameObject that can fall has a coroutine that handles the falling using a Vector3.Lerp(). Inside their updates, they check for a flag to be raised in the levelmanager to signal that they can fall. The boss/enemy paddle needed to be programmed as a dumb AI. Essentially, it has to be beatable. I did this by adding an AnimationCurve in the script to give it an “ease-out” on it’s movements. Along with this, the number of blocks left on the stage affect its overall speed, and hitting it with the paddle overtime will cause it to shrink as if it itself is breaking.

Anyway, hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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Woa, awesome game! I like the minimalistic approach and all the enhancements. Uh and the tail and the particle system – nice. Did you make the music and sounds yourself? I also liked the Intro and the menu with the game running in the background. It feels a lot more polished that way. The only thing that made me stumble was the control via arrow keys. It feels less direct in comparison to the mouse. But I guess I just have to get used to it…

Thanks :smiley:

I went back and forth with the controls for whether they were going to be keyboard for movement or mouse cursor, and ultimately decided on the keyboard. With the mouse courser, i felt there was little challenge to it, since you can just simply follow the ball with the mouse and always hit it.

With the keyboard controls, velocity is applied to the paddle, and it has a linear drag applied as well. If you are holding down the movement keys, it constantly moves in the direction you want it to go, but once you release it, it gives it a slow down approach from the linear drag, and forces the player to be careful in movement. Though, i’m still tweaking around with the values, as i feel at times it moves to slow, but moving it up by just one makes it seems to fast.

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