[GAME] Block Breaker: "Different Destruction"

The Game:


  • Paddle:

  • Mouse to move,

  • left click to launch,

  • The Paddle can also tilt:

    • A to tilt left,
    • D to tilt Right
  • The Paddle also has two other, breakable “Second-Chance” Paddles below and either side of it. They can sustain 11 hits before being destroyed.

  • Additional Balls:

  • From Level 4, there will be at least one additional ball in the play area.

    • ALL balls can break bricks (including your “Second-Chance” Paddles).
    • ALL balls can collide with other balls.
      • This can seriously ruin your day if an Additional Ball knocks your ball out of play, but it can also be useful if it bunts your ball out of danger.
    • ONLY the orange ball needs to stay in play - the rest can be dropped if managing them is too stressful (Level 4 was designed specifically to make this apparent).
      • For example; the last two levels have six Additional Balls - Seven total. This means:
        1.More balls to babysit (:smiling_imp:),
        2.More balls to interfere with your ball (:smiling_imp:),
        3.More balls to destroy your “Second-Chance” Paddles (:smiling_imp:), AND
        4.More balls to help you destroy the bricks (:innocent:).
        Ultimately, you need to decide if you want to risk more balls to make the round end quicker, or let some balls go so you can focus on the other balls.
  • Bricks:

  • All Bricks (including your “Second-Chance” Paddles) display signs of increasing degradation (unless they’re destroyed in one hit) by:

    • Looking more damaged,
    • Losing their colour, AND
    • Having little shards of themselves fly off*,
  • Upon destruction, the brick shatters into little shards*, with your ball soaring through the pieces like a majestic eagle +,

** Please note that the shards that fly off the bricks are actually predetermined parts of the brick as part of a sprite sheet and NOT generated automagically at runtime.*

+ Obviously, this excludes your “Second-Chance” Paddles, as eagles are incapable of majestically burrowing their way into the ground. :wink:

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