Gadual gap increase between stairs

So I posted this on the Q&A but wanted to post it here and see if someone could help me faster:

So as my question states after doing the array on the bottom step it I get gaps in my steps that get gradually bigger as you go up the ramp. I am not sure if it makes a difference or why it would do this but I had to enter -1 and 1 to get my steps going in the right direction.

Ok, so right after posting this i figured out how to get rid of the gaps even though I am still not sure why they were there in the first place. The only thing I can assume is that i must not have had an exactly 45 degree ramp (not sure how i messed that up either?) I fixed it by going into wireframe mode, and viewing the steps from the side. Once viewed from the side i could see how the steps aligned with the ramp as I was changing the array settings. I ended up having them set at -.995 and 1.000. I had to stretch the top stair a tiny amount to make it meet with the top of the pyramid.

I would still love to know what I did wrong so i would love feedback
Thanks in advance!

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