FX for Film or Games in Houdini

So basicly if it comes to any professional VFX simulation for big Films or Games, u use Houdini. I did a research on that.

Explosions, smoke, fire, etc all is done in Houdini. so there is almost nothing on that on the internet, both it if comes to more Advanced use of Houdini or FX both Films and Games. ( its different for both).

I know that it might be difficult to even find someone who knows how to do these on the advance level but even a course on Houdini might be awesome as there is not much of that on the internet. Houdini is unique and widely used on a professional level to these specific tasks.

besides, who dont like explosions ? :slight_smile:

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I don’t know anything about Houdini or really any other program outside of Unity…

But I would love to learn VFX in some fashion. I don’t want to have to buy a program to learn it though… what if I don’t like it? Can’t grasp it? Find out it’s not really what I’m interested in after all?

If I were to take a VFX course though (and I really want to), I would like ot learn to make:

  • Explosions
  • Water flowing
  • Water splashing
  • Water rippling / waves
  • Vapor / Smoke
  • Dust
  • Fire

Basically explosions and the four elements in as much detail and variety as we can get.
I’d like to learn to do things with Unity, because I know Unity, but if I need another program that’s fine, too. The big priority is to use game development industry standards.

My problem with most Youtube videos that govern this subject is I don’t feel they are complete. Usually, they require me to have some prerequisite skill, knowledge, or programs – many of them, for example, simply import (or quickly gloss over) textures and shaders when working with the particle system. If those things are part of the effect, then I need to learn how to make those, too. If the design element in creating those is important, then I need to learn the relevant design skills. By not covering those, these tutorials don’t seem complete.

The largest drawback is that Houdini is not free or open software like the other courses being offered here. The initial cost for an individual license is a turn off for most students.

Houdini educational is 75 USD annual. if anyone consider any of this a possible future or a reality, this is not a huge price. Big online courses cost more. But Houdini itself is not easy to learn, I’ve been told. Houdini Artist is a profession, and there is a need for people who know how to use it. AAA Games fx are made like that, you can use it with Unreal and probably unity as well.

I think it would be an intriguing course that would pay excellent dividends!

My local university, Brigham Young University, is listed as one of the schools that use their software, and I’ve seen some of the amazing work their students put out. The educational license seems to be intended for brick and mortar school labs. I don’t know if an online student license arrangement could be made for gamedev.tv students. Nothing’s impossible though! After all, you got me investigating it.

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There is even a free learning edition of Houdini so money is not a problem. I haven’t seen that one before. It’s called Houdini apprentice.

found many useful solutions for myself. Advise something else please!

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